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Solution to Contents, Pictures, Videos and Audios Protection


With the development of internet and technology, more and more companies are shifting their prints from paper to eBooks some of them develop a software that contents text, pictures, videos and audios.

This transforming leads to the problem of unauthorized using, especially resources copyright security. Copyright piracyand resource file leaking heavily damaged the profits of those right holders.

Although there is lot of free encryption/license manage software on the internet, it is no way to ensure the trustworthiness of those software itself, and those free software cannot ensure eBooks or related applications run properly after be protected or proceeded.


Senselock is offering solution to protect resources file (pictures, videos, audios, text,etc.) for those eBooks and applications based on hardware keys.

By using modules management, developer can set due time, cumulative using time or use frequency for each lesson, chapter or part of the software. It's a useful feature for software rental and manage user licenses.

Licenses of the software are binding with specified keys according to the setting of the key manager. A user can onlyopen the software that he/she is granted with license to access, in this way prevent software from been used by an authenticated user. Once the hardware was removed, the training software will exit automatically, secure the profits ofauthors.

One hardware key can bind licenses of several software, publisher can easily update license by using remote update tool. It's time saving and convenient for both publishers and users, no additional transporting cost will occur.

This solution is easy-to-use and requires no technical background, anyone can master it in short time.

Practical Application

Resource files are the core value for the content publishers, especially in the training industry. Some publishers pack all materials of the lessons into one courseware, and then distribute those courseware to different schools or institutions. And that made anti-piracy and user management became the most important problem to be solved.

Senselock solve these two problems at the sametime. We protected the courseware itself, as well as the resource files that packed in it. By adopting user authentication token, publishers can verify the user identity, cumulative using time, the software expire time, and user login times management. When the software or some modules expire, the publisher can easily renew the license remotely.

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