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Embedded Solution Based on EL Chip

Beijing  Jun 26, 2013

Senselock is offering SSOP 20L, a small-outline integrated circuit package, for EL chips now.

El SSOP gives a solution to device managment software. It widly apply to medical instruments, construction equipments and any software or applications running on devices which not design for USB accessing.

Mount a EL SSOP chip into a circuit board to get protection for your applications or software just like a EL dongle attached all the time. EL SSOP chips can be connected to PC by a special Setting Board, users can read and write the chip like read and write a normal EL dongle, which will be easily for EL users to handle.

EL chip reach EAL 5+ in the global hi-tech sector, that practically enable EL with the outstanding effectiveness in resisting of major attacks such as Electronic Attack (SPA and DPA), Probe Attack (SiShell), Chip Dissection and Debug Port.