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Smart Guard for Valuable Videos

V-lock, which is developed by Senselock, is a smart choice for valuable video protection.

V-Lock helps videos owners to hold their profits. Based on hardware key, V-Lock provides a high-level secure protection for valuable video files. For secure consideration, videos protected by V-Lock only can be played on a special player when the V-Lock Key with the matched encrypt key plug in. Videos cannot be played without a matched V-Lock Key plug in.

Video owners are able to manage their videos can be watched by which user or users by using V-Lock.

It also supports play one protected videos by multiple keys, in this way, one video files can be watched by more than one specified users.

By using V-Lock, users are able to watch protected videos anywhere, anytime, on any PCs or laptops. Video files under V-Lock protection can be copied into a normal removable disk and be carried with user everywhere do not have to worry about the video exposure to others, even when the removable disk is lost.

For individual users, V-Lock can help to protect personal videos from other views. For company users, especially for education and training companies, V-Lock can be applied to protect any valuable videos to secure profits for video owners.


About SenseLock


Founded in 1995, Senselock Software Technology Co., Ltd is a worldwide leading provider in software protection industry. With our professional R&D team focus on software and hardware, Senselock owns a complete product line and advanced management system. As a high-tech cooperation, Senselock owns core technologies of software copyright protection that have granted patents in China, US and European. Senselock is ideally positioned to deliver competitive, reliable and professional solutions that can help drive the software industry.