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New Designed Metal Shell for V-Lock

Senselock is glad to announce that we are bring out a new designed V-Lock, which is metal-shelled in a super tiny size. The new designed V-Lock key is 50mm thick only and weight 2.2g, smart-designed and easy carrying. With a hanger hole on the bottom of the key, it can be attached on your key ring or door card string, so that the V-Lock key can go with you all the time.

Focuse on video copyright licensing managment, V-lock helps video owners to distribute their valuable videos.  By binding video files with different encryption keys, video owners can easily manage useers by distribut them V-Lock keys with different licenses.

Personal users can use V-Lock to protect their private video file, even when their loptop or removable disk is lost, video files are still under security protection!

Get a FREE trial now by contact us sales@senselock.com !