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Home > News > Obsidium integrates Senselock dongle support in newly released version 1.5!

Obsidium integrates Senselock dongle support in newly released version 1.5!

Senselock is glad to announce that Obsidium Softwarereleased anew version of their software protection systemwith fully integrated support forElite EL and Clave2 dongles!

Obsidium is a feature-rich software protection and licensing system that was designed as a cost effective and easy to implement, yet reliable and non-invasive way to protect Windows software applications and games from reverse engineering, unauthorized modifications ("cracking") and redistribution ("software piracy") while providing a secure and flexible licensing/registration system.

Obsidium v1.5 features built-in support for Elite EL and Clave2 dongles, which offer the highest level of security and control over the terms of your licensing agreements and as such are the preferred method of protecting high-end applications. The dongles' features are fully integrated into Obsidium and can easily be accessed via simple API calls.

Click here to get more details about Obsidium v1.5.


About Obsidium        

Obsidium is a feature-rich professional software protection and licensing system,which  is primarily aimed at software companies and individual developers who would like to provide feature- or time-limited evaluation versions of their software products, but also allows for the implementation of a wide range of custom licensing scenarios.

About SenseLock

Founded in 1995, Senselock Software Technology Co., Ltd is a worldwide leading provider in software protection industry. With our professional R&D team focus on software and hardware, Senselock owns a complete product line and advanced management system. As a high-tech cooperation, Senselock owns core technologies of software copyright protection that have granted patents in China, US and European. Senselock is ideally positioned to deliver competitive, reliable and professional solutions that can help drive the software industry.

Senselock, your reliable and professional partner.