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Cross-platform authentication Solution Based on OTP Token

Senselock is bringing out a cross-platform solution to authentication based on OTP tokens. SDK02 serial tokens and the background authentication system are developed by one of our partner ---- GICOM Network Technology Co., Ltd., a company in authentication flied for more than 20 years, offers mature technologies designed to complement existing security policies.The authentication system powered by GICOM Network brings confidence to business transactions and supports business models.

Authentication solution based on OTP tokens ensures financial organizations and companies which are running online business securely and tracable.By using this product, organizations and companies enhance the security to online transactions, greatly reduce risk and cost, as well as lock the profits to both clients and companies.

Experienced in insert the authentication solutions into variety system that companies already adopted, we offer customized solutions that aim to satisfy each client by offering the most suitable solution depends on different business and management mode.

Powered by Two-factor authentication technology and based on the one-time passwords and challenge and response functioned hardware, we offer solution to:

    - Banking teller authentication management

    - Network remote accessauthentication

    - Online banking security

    - Online bankingauthentication

    - Dynamic password authentication to remote access management

    - Insurance aapplications security


About Senselock

Founded in 1995, Senselock Software Technology Co., Ltd is a worldwide leading provider in software protection industry. With our professional R&D team focus on software and hardware, Senselock owns a complete product line and advanced management system. As a high-tech cooperation, Senselock owns core technologies of software copyright protection that have granted patents in China, US and European. Senselock is ideally positioned to deliver competitive, reliable and professional solutions that can help drive the software industry.


As a strategy partner of Senselock , Beijing GICOM Network Network Technology Co., Ltd., established in the year of 1998, is a hi-tech enterprise which studies IT development. Focus on providing solution to financial and deposit industry, GICOM is experienced in application development, system integration and services, as well as the authentication solution apply to finance and banking systems.