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VMPprotect and JSC Seculab have Jointly Launched Senselock Version Envelope Tool

Thanks for the jointly work of VMPprotect and JSC Seculab, now users can have one of the strongest envelope software plus the hardware protection, which lead the VMP envelope security into another level. While running virtualized code, VMProtect SE decrypts some of its parts using the hardware dongle, so it is impossible to run code without the device.

Unlike several competing products, VMProtect SE is not an envelope that protects the file only at start. Instead, VMProtect SE completely link its virtual machines with the hardware dongle, so the user cannot remove the dongle even when application has started.

Users can also choose VMProtect software version without hardware. VMProtect envelope protects code by executing it on a virtual machine with non-standard architecture that makes it extremely difficult to analyze and crack the software. Besides that, VMProtect generates and verifies serial numbers, limits free upgrades and much more.


About Senselock

Founded in 1995, Senselock Software Technology Co., Ltd is a worldwide leading provider in software protection industry. With our professional R&D team focus on software and hardware, Senselock owns a complete product line and advanced management system. As a high-tech cooperation, Senselock owns core technologies of software copyright protection that have granted patents in China, US and European. Senselock is ideally positioned to deliver competitive, reliable and professional solutions that can help drive the software industry.

About VMProtect

VMProtect Software was founded in 2000 in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The company produces VMProtect, a next generation software piracy protection solution. As one of the most powerful anti-piracy solutions available, VMProtect is used by many leading software publisher.

About JSC Seculab

JSC Seculab was established in the year 2001 as a software security company. It's main purpose is to help developers in protection of their software from illegal copying and cracking. Since the year 2007, JSC is an exclusive partners of Senselock Software Technology Co.,Ltd on the territory of Russian Federation, Belorusia, Ukrain and other ex-USSR republics.