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Software Sales Management

In traditional software sales mode, initialized software dongles were burdening the core value of the software, which brings lots of problem on software distribution and circulation, such as difficulties on capital recovery, channels control, and customer management, also companies are facing high software distribution costs and inaccurate sales information.  All of these problems forces software developer increase spending to manage distribution channels, including sub-brands, sale outlets and distributors. Additional, those channels themselves bring about piracy risks by acting as "legitimate" infringers.

Network security services provided by Elite EL reduce the risks occurred in software distribution and circulation, and provide high-level security and stable network environment. By offering an empty dongle with the software, the core value ofthe software is always controlled by software developer. Once end-users purchase software or require some function modules, developers can distribute license to end-users directly with remote-update function of Elite EL, minimizerisks that may occurred in software circulations chains and distribute channels.

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