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Remote Update Software License

When end-users has purchased some modules and want to additional modules of the software, or require to change the existed software protection scheme based onconsideration of security and management requirement. The traditional solutionis to recall the end-user’s dongles, re-program and resend dongles back to end-users.This solution may seriously affect the user experience for it has to interruptthe normal use of software. Moreover, it greatly increased maintenance and upgradescosts, and enhanced difficulties to manage.

Equippedwith smart-card chip, EL series helps to solve the above problems by offering aboth convenient and secure solution. Instead of recycling hardware dongles,software developers can conduct a comprehensive software update, modify or evencompletely change the encryption software solution to worldwide end-users viaInternet based on secure remote control technology. Besides offering high-levelprotection to software and secure the profits, EL series enable softwaredevelopers to reduce costs that may generate in software update, sachem changes,and products as well as clients management.

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