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Software Leasing Business Mode Solution

Under currents of changes are taking place in traditional salemode of software with fierce competition and changes of user demands. It has been widely predicted by software industry experts that the traditional salemode of software license, which is disposable and permanent, will be eventually substituted by membership or counting expense by quantity or time. It is called sale mode of software lease when counting expense by time. Had such trend been made use of, software developers would gain more competitive advantages with a sale strategy more concerning being close to user and reducing their risks.

With an accurate clock calendar inside, Elite EL RTC conveniently formulates a brand-new sale mode for software developers that user could lease rather than buy the software and pay for it by installments.

Set the expiration date for trial period in dongle first and software would compare the RTC's time with the expiration date to judge whether trial period is expiring. Such process could be realized by designing encryption solution in dongle. If the trial period is expiring , Elite EL RTC would shut down automatically until another off-site license is given by software developer through the safe function of remote update after the rest of payment from user is confirmed. This solution reduces the risk of buying the trial version of software and enhance software's competitive advantages for developer without bearing risks of benefits impaired.

It requires an extremely high encryption intensity, stability and perfection of net-safety middleware when realizing payment by installments for software or lease sale mode. Elite EL RTC is recently the most suitable product for such application.

Lease sale mode has been adopted around international world by software developers before long. SSI, a Japanese company, which specializes incosmetology promotion and medical R&D, sell its software mainly in Japan. In order to reduce cost of procurement and risk of purchase, SSI 's users hopeto pay for software in a lease way.

CEO of SSI arranged a special trip to Beijing to seek a high-end software protection solution, which can increase product competitiveness and better protect copyright, to cater to users demands. Elite EL RTC was selectedat last as solution for SSI's lease sale mode of software.

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